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Robin Hobb News
         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: Tawny Men Book 2 (18. Apr 2002)

The Golden Fool, book 2 of the Tawny Man series, by Robin Hobb, is set to be released in October 7, 2002, in the U.K. Their is no North American date as of yet, but, will mostly likely be in early 2003.

.: Robin Hobb's next book (3. May 2001)

For the many fans of Robin Hobb and her Farseer Trilogy it's great news that she in her next book will pick up the tale of FitzChivalry. The first book, "Fool’s Errand" is scheduled to be published in Sept/Oct of 2001 in the UK and in Jan/Feb of 2002 in the US.

.: Robin Hobb's next series (25. Apr 2000)

You may be interested that from a book signing in Melbourne, Australia last Wednesday, Robin Hobb confirmed that she is approx. 200 pages into draft 1 of her new series in the world of the 6 Duchies/Cursed shores...

.: Robin Hobb interview at Ottakar's (6. Apr 2000)

A new Robin Hobb interview can be found at Ottakar's.
... and I guess we forgot to mention in the last Robin Hobb update, The Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders Book 3) has also been released in Australia.

.: Book 3 in the Liveship Traders Trilogy (27. Mar 2000)

Book 3 in Robin Hobb's Liveship Trader trilogy is out in Europe. The name of the book is Ship of Destiny. The release date for the US is later this summer.
Rumors say that she have begun to write a new trilogy set a world related to the Farseers series.

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