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Frank Herbert News
         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: Dune movie (28. Dec 2000)

A long awaited event has arrived for fans of Frank Herbert's Dune. City TV has released a three part mini series of the book Dune, and to quote one of sffworld.com's visitors who saw it when it played on December 19, 20 and 21, "It brilliantly brings the book to life". Sources say that it will be shown again in April.

.: Dune Mini-series (10. Sep 1999)

A six hour mini series based on Frank Herbert's Dune has been given the go ahead by SciFi Channel and is expected late 2001. The script will be by John Harrison and the series will be developed by ABC Pictures.

.: Bantam to publish new Dune Trilogy (20. Aug 1999)

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson will be writing the trilogy that Bantam has purchased the rights for. The books will be based upon some of Frank Herbert's unpublished notes as well as conversations he had with his son. First novel will be out in October in the US and September in the UK.

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